mystery of Monalisa code

@luisaR (452)
May 18, 2012 6:06pm CST
i watched nat geo about ancient x-files. I find it amazing how a painting of leonardo da Vince reveal secret. It is said that the painting is actually of two people, lisa, the woman and salai, said to be Leaonardo's love interest (homosexual). Being a gay is not allowed at that time and killing is the punishment. Of the painting, Monalisa, the devil's bridge is at the background and examine closely,a "72" is seen, which may refer as 1472 when the bridge was re-built. Number 2 on italian alpahbet _I think or code_means half man,half woman may refer to salai. On Monalisa's eyes are the letters L and S. Referring to Lisa and salai. The phot of Monalisa is exact on the photo of salai, jaw angle,face everything. When you scrabble Monalisa, it form "Mon Salai" thre name of Leonardo's lover. he hide his secret and his love in the form of Monalisa photo. wow, would u share some thoughts about it.
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