It's Unfair!

May 18, 2012 8:05pm CST
Some people in authority are using their powers to make others fall down. This is such very disappointing to my part because I am one of the victims. But I should fight for my right. I may be defeated at the end but at least I've tried my best to protect my right...I need somebody to cheer me up and said, go go go...!thanks
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• India
20 May 12
Authority /boss always think they are right in all matters, though they may not be so, one has to fight with such persons with sick mentality.. Come cheer up nitz Victory will be yours Have a nice day ahead. Professor ‘@Bhuwan@’. .
• Philippines
21 May 12
Yes, they always think that they are always right, and that they can do whatever they want...but sad to say that I should fight for this. I might win to this battle or defeated but its okay at least I try to fight..right? Thanks for the encouragement..
@rkennedee (333)
19 May 12
If you think you're on the right side go ahead and fight for whatever you believe into. I would do the same if I were you. Never let other people step on you. They don't have the right to do that. If you think they are powerful. You can ask for help to other's in authority who is much powerful that them.
• Philippines
19 May 12
Thanks for the encouragement! But do I have to fight still even if my job has rely on this...I might lost my job as the consequences of what I have started right now..and I am so bothered since I am the breadwinner of the family. Please I need some advise...thanks