how is best friend , lover , friend

May 19, 2012 1:04am CST
when we see so many discussions we heard the words like friend , best friend , and lover . these are the words all of us commonly used in man cases . i felt that all are having same meaning but we use these words at different cases. and in more cases no one now the proper utilization of these words . if now then give answer to this post
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@celticeagle (121075)
• Boise, Idaho
19 May 12
I think friend, best friend and lover are very different. A friend is someone who has things in common with us and that we like and spend time with. A best friend would be someone you may have know longer, had alot in common with and it continues. A lover is someone we are intimate with. Perhaps we are friends too with these people as well. Should be but it doesn't always seem to happen that way.
• India
20 May 12
we would spend time with many person in a certain period of time, then all of them should not become a friends . they are actually casual talks and not consider them as a friends . best friend means he is best in sharing our thoughts , expressions and all things with out any doubt and fear , lover also same but we share our life with here and further she is a part of our life . but one of the fact i really trust and accept is among friend, best friend and lover we would enjoy very much with the lover and some what with the best friend and little bit with the friend . if we give utmost importance to the friend their is a higher chances of becoming the best friend. any i felt happy with your response to this post
@asdomencil (4276)
• Philippines
19 May 12
I had this classmate from elementary. We had been friends when we became classmates again on our 3rd year high school. We went to the same college and took same course. We became best friends then. We shared problems thru letters. We becaome lovers and now she is my wife.
• India
19 May 12
your childhood friendship turn to love and then marriage . you have a very good marriage life i think you are enjoying your life very much. yes to start a love journey every one should begin with friend, then best friend , and lover . this are the steps in a row to built up a love and best life of our interest and i liked it very much . have a great life
@MoonGypsy (4613)
• United States
19 May 12
well, my lover is my friend. he is my best friend. he would never do anything to hurt me, he respects and likes me, he wants to share world with me. he is my confidant and my comforter. he is not perfect, but neither am i. our love makes us always seek to share a common ground when we don't see eye to eye. our main goal us for both of us to be happy. this is only a few of what a best friend and a lover has to offer.
• India
19 May 12
ya your opinion is good . simply your lover is your best friend . we make the friend as a best only when we feel comfort with him and if we share all our views with out any doubt and fear , then only we should feel him as a best friend . lover means this only applicable to the female , because males should not became lovers . just for fun