Office is Charging me 2200/monthly for my Wifi Access

May 20, 2012 5:52am CST
Friends.. I want to cry.. and i am deep worried.... Last friday, our Admin Dept has called my attention for my use of wifi access on my company phone. and i said.. oh my god??!!! Why didnt anyone block my use for it? Why was i not informed that i am not eligible for wifi use? Why inform me just now? I had this phone for more than 2 years and i can look up my yahoomails with it. This week, they are charging me 10thou pesos for something that is out of my knowledge. What happened was that, i am just an extension line from a junior manager and with it comes the benefit to look up emails. Ever since i was given this company phone, i had been looking up on my mails and even looking up on facebook but nobody nobody ever told me that i am eligible for this. I dont understand it... a normal nokia c5 phone with a line under globe can normally has wifi access... even i can do it on my jurassic personal phone under suncellular. Furthermore, i disconnect it from time to time but it still had a continuous bill of 2234 monthly! I didnt know all this! I wanna cry! I informed my boss about it and she will back me up. I am still so worried. Admin believes that i am using company resources for my personal use. Had i known that it comes with extra charge, i wouldnt even do it. All i know is that it is inherent for line phones to really have wifi access. It should have been disabled in the first place if company meant that i should not have it at all.
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@chiyosan (30205)
• Philippines
24 May 12
First you should have asked how much is your limit with the phone and what can you and can you not use on it. Well i have had a company provide a phone to us... and i know just how much i am to use and i get to see the bills too. i can use it for personal text messages, but on top of the allowed bill, i am to pay for it. I guess you know that you could have asked but you did not - i think that is why you will be forced to pay for it. Companies give phone access to their people but wifi is normally not part of it, because if they need you to be connected or always ready to answer emails, or be online - then you will have to be given a dongle separately... like what our company does. good luck with this...
• United States
20 May 12
I agree if they didn't want you using that feature they should of blocked it somehow or given you a phone without access at all. That sounds foolish to me. But you know at a previous job we had somesort of Intranet/chat-like feature on our computer screens I used to talk to a friend at another office on it. Well like many other things that was blocked for me also so if I wanted to talk to her for any reason I'd have to call. But eventually lots of things like that started happening to me once I was pregnant and eventually dismissed.
@enelym001 (8333)
• Philippines
20 May 12
Oh gosh, that's a big amount of money. I also wonder why didn't they stopped you before for using such service. Hope there is something that your boss can do to help you out.