confuse about blog content and topic.

May 20, 2012 11:47am CST
we can earn by Google adsense with Google adsense but for that we need to have good content and good amount of visitors, that is why I also want o make a blog to earn more. but I am confuse which topic should I choose. I know Google adsense approves those blogs immediately which has good content and visitor, but I know our blog should be focus on a particular topic which makes them understand which ads should put our blog like if i have blog about computer they would put computer related ads. (I do not know weather we need to put ads or Google put it) but if I have blog with mix content like computer, Bollywood, Television shows etc then it would be hard for them to know which ads should put. I always tell people that our blog should be focused on a particular topic because that will give you regular visitor which has same interest and Google adsense would approve your application immediately, our blog should be at least 6 months old with visitors. but now, I am very confused, because I want to start a blog which will be contain various topics like computer, Bollywood, Television shows, tips and tricks, images etc and I have few questions .. will Google Approve my account? will it affect my visitors? will they get confuse?
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