Oh, I totally misunderstood her....

May 20, 2012 7:55pm CST
Hello Lotters, I rarely talk to people with that kind of conversation online, but she really hit me that night and i kinda didn't like it. I mean come on, i was surprised that she was doing some kind of Theraphy in me, which i was caught totally off guard unbelievable. Don't know if i can take that from some one younger than me but I sure know that am a good person and doesn't really allow myself to be stepped on. Though I appreciate that she was trying to help me in some sort of that way, didn't expect that from her.
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• Marikina, Philippines
22 May 12
Maybe she just trying to help you but in a different way and that, you didn't like it because you are older than her. Well, I guess expect the unexpected.. he he
• Philippines
22 May 12
Hello introvertshy, she has always given me full of surprises to boot and i can't believe i feel into it. i really thought she didn't like me but i realized that she's just trying to push me into being a more confident person. you're right expect the unexpect, she really caught me by surprise again
@adhyz82 (36262)
• Indonesia
21 May 12
hit you by online too??
• Philippines
21 May 12
I don't really but i guess she was doing me a favor to increase my confidence. but i really had it misunderstood, i think you had a different view on the word HIT. but doesn't matter, am glad that is over now
@fantabulus (4005)
• India
21 Aug 12
Some time this is happened with us we cant understands the person even the person talking way is nice. Your friend is good so she is trying to help you.