The World Order ...Changing Scenario Of Happenings

Thiruvananthapuram, India
May 22, 2012 12:56am CST
The entire world of ours seems to be on a sudden transformation swing. The vital and pertinent question is whether this fast pace of hectic activity head towards a positive goal or is there an impending disaster ? Viewed from a close analytic point, the ultimate is for destruction and self loss. People in most corners of the universe vie with one another in an effort to gain wealth and comfort all for themselves. Times are changing real fast. Outlooks are taking adverse sways. There is sudden shift from goodness to vile instincts in most spheres of activity. In fact, pity and compassion have lost their values. There is degradation among different sects of population.The neo rich elite class strive to uphold living patterns which are detrimental to common lot in the society. The needs and wants of the poor and downtrodden are laid bare and left unheard . Nobody is bothered about anybody else. Kith and kin are viewed as prospective enemies.It is self pride and egocentric attitudes which are fast becoming prominent. Where is our world and poor inhabitants of the earth heading for ?
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