what is your worst relationship experience

May 22, 2012 9:35pm CST
hello there guys? anyone here who wants to share there worst relationship experience?
2 responses
• Philippines
23 May 12
When I was 14, I had a crush at school. He found out I like him. So he flirted with me a little. And he asked me to be his girlfriend so I agreed immediately. I was really young and innocent then. It turned out he's not serious because the next day he doesn't talk to me anymore. So it was just like a one-day relationship. That's the worst relationship I ever had.
• United States
23 May 12
I was with this guy for three years and he was living with me for about a ear. then I was tired of the bull with my ex husband and was moving out of state. I left and every weekend he flew to come from ny to florida. Then I was doing the very same thing when he was in need of working. Then soon he lost the building his shop was in and then he lost his place he lived. without telling me so I don't worry about him he started sleeping in his car. Then I came to Ny looking for him because I heard nothing from him and found all his stuff in the the yard. he came to me shortly after and took me for a ride. then he told me he had no where to go and his ex let him sta at her house and the condition was he had to sleep with her. I was livid and I broke it off right then and there. He begged me to me to move back homeand I refused. A few years later I moved back and we landed at the same graduation. We hugged him and walked away. I never take a cheater back.