Earn money through Traffic Exchanges

May 23, 2012 2:29am CST
Is it possible to earn big money with Traffic Exchanges? I know several sites where the Traffic Exchange owners pays members some cash per 1000 sites viewed, but the pay is quite low similar to the pay you get from clicking PTC sites. Now there are other sites developed for the purpose of making money out of Traffic Exchanges. I know there are many but the only one I can remember now is ClickTrackProfit and the others I see in Traffic exchanges, I forgot their names. Now my question is, do you think these sites that promotes Traffic Exchnages as a way to earn a lot of money online promising something real or are they simply false promises. Anyone have experiences with these types of sites, and how did it went for you? Do you think these sites have some good potential and is worth giving our time, money and effort with?
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• India
23 May 12
yes i have seen this but it better for a little . i have surfed 3850 sites and i get bored and leaved it i have never interest in it but i think these sites are useful for generating the traffic to our websites only and beyond to earning from these sites is a very long process and i get bored for a long time and leaved . it is better to generate traffic from other traffic exchanges also in order to increase the referrals to our site and that's it
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• Philippines
24 May 12
I see, so you believe these types of TEs are less effective in getting referrals to our websites? Anyway, what TEs do you think are most recommended for the best results for our sites? I only knew TrafficSwarm, Hit2Hit and Hitboosterpro are some good ones. Anyway, I am beginning to think that if these TEs that pays you to surf are not that effective in getting referrals for our sites, then it might not be worth using them.
• United States
24 May 12
I actually do not but I'm interested in knowing!
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