Bad day or ...

May 24, 2012 1:07pm CST
I just couldn't do it! I had duty today but when i opened my eyes today i couldn't seem to get out of bed! So I asked them to re-arrange my duty! I have been on sick leave for two weeks and i to report tomorrow! I am worried that this whatever this is might happen tomorrow and... I honestly don't wanna think about it but do you think its something i should be concerned about or is it because i have been away? Or worse yet am I in the wrong profession? Like I am not meant to be and i should switch lanes??? I hope not!!!
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• United States
24 May 12
bIf this has lasted two weeks your in need of a doctor for some help. I would think your going to ake that to work and others will get so sick as well. I would talk to someone before going into work.
• Pakistan
24 May 12
Actually i had been depressed and went to see the doctor and she started me on anti-depressant and advised to stay off work so i took a two week leave! It hadn't expired as yet and they called me for duty saying they were short on personnel! I couldn't make it today! Had it rearranged but am worried its something more!!