i think i will just stay at home for a week or so

@hotsummer (10449)
May 24, 2012 11:06pm CST
i don't want to be stuck at home. but i don't have the money to go out. so i will just have to keep on earning money online. how i wish i won't need to spend a lot of money going out. but the situation at home is not great, it is stressful so i need to find a way to get out many times. if the situation at home is favorable to me then i would not need to get out more often and won't need to spend money going out.
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• United States
25 May 12
I understand what your talking about because,I like bein home so much I don't need to have money to go anywhere. I like it so much that even my car has not moved in a few days.
@shskumbla (3341)
• India
25 May 12
Oh.! you have car also. If you bored at home open computer and do mylot...
@Angela11 (46)
25 May 12
Though i like to be alone sometimes,and usually under this situation i prefer to stay at home, i have to say staying alone at home long time really depresses me. I have to speak with someone now and then, and if there is any other option, i wouldn't choose the staying-in life.
@ginspearl (209)
• Philippines
25 May 12
I am a homebody person and I'd rather be stucked at home and try to earn much online. If given a chance to have enough earnings I believe I'll be out for a vacation, that would be the time that I could not be seen inside our house for I'll be spending much of my time outside.
• India
25 May 12
Hi, same pinch, me too. I too will have to stay home for some time, not for a week, maybe 3 months!!!! My school and exams are over, and its vacation with nothing to do. I too want to make online money but not to spend that for outing but to get some books, as I love reading, but novels only..