My favorite MP3 player broke.

Pasay, Philippines
May 25, 2012 11:29am CST
I have this MP3 player and even I have a cellphone that has mp3 player in it; I still prefer using that nifty MP3 player from CD-R king merchandises. They're the ones who distributes this mp3 players. (or manufactures) It was my uber favorite gadget. I can't live without a day of music and sound tripping as I walk home or in a particular place. All of the sudden it broke on me. It doesn't play or even turns on. As being knowledgeable somehow with electronic gadget, I tried opening it up and check it from the inside but still not a fracture internally or no disconnected battery packs. All of a sudden it turned on magically as I tried plugging it but I WAS able to retrieve old files but the thing is I unplugged it again so I can do it in a better time but then when I plug it again it didn't work. I tried replacing the cord but still; nada... didn't work. How can I retrieve files or make this thing work. I so love to use it. Well, maybe my last option is to have a technician check on it better than what I'm doing (although I've been fixing a lot of mp3 players in the past but this time it is different.)
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@natliegleb (5184)
• India
8 Jul 12
that is really unfortunate,try getting a new one very soon that might help you,even i broke my first and very soon got a new one.but always first is the best
@nikki3 (172)
• United States
25 May 12
I was reading what you have wrote but it seems as if you have already stated what I was going to say lol. I was going to say to check with a technician. Sometimes when I leave stuff alone for awhile then go back to it it starts working again. You must have really played your MP# player out. LOL Well, good luck on trying to fix it. I love music as well so I know how you feel.
• Pasay, Philippines
13 Jul 12
I was hoping that it can still be fixed because there are files in there that I want to retrieve. Especially my songs downloaded because otherwise i may need to download everything again. One of ym friends told me that it could be a virus that ruined the operating system of the whole device and this is also dangerous to plug to other systems or PC. Wish I can redownload some of my anime files. But I have to do it one by one... haist! Thanks for sharing your feedback and happy mylotting :)