the mall is great place to hang out sometimes

@hotsummer (10466)
May 26, 2012 5:16am CST
it would depend with whom you hang with. not all malls locally have some chairs where you can sit comfortably and talk or just sit there for hours. that was we did yesterday. after i have been online for hours, i got out and we just hang out on the malls. we didn't have money either . we just hang out and play on the games on my playbook. we didn't eat or anything. we just have money to pay for transportation and that's it. we were both bored at home and so i was invited to hang out in the mall.
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• United States
26 May 12
On Hot Days All Of The Teenagers Go To the Mall More Likely On The Weekends Due too Everybody Usually getting paid on the Weekends so Kids.Adults.And Teenagers Come with a large group and buy new shoes,clothes,games etc. The Amount Of Teens That come to the mall Is a huge Increase For the stores inside of the mall.
@nikki3 (172)
• United States
26 May 12
A visit to the mall was a wonderful choose that you made. Hanging out with your friends. Here all the malls have a place for you to sit down and hang out with your friends. I do not think it mattered if you had money or not just the fact that you got to hang out with your friends and be able to spend some time with them. Also being that you where on the computer for so long you needed to get out and enjoy the world. Yesterday and today it rained here. So, it must be really nice days where you are out. If it does not rain tomorrow me and my children will be doing the same as you did. Just going to the mall look around. We may get a bite to eat if not it will just be fine. I will be happy that I have gotten time to spend with my children.
@maryqnn (24)
• Hong Kong
26 May 12
Yeah! I like to go to the mall too, especially in the hot days. Sometimes, I will buy something to drink there but no more. I like to watch the people going by and the hot girls of course!
• Philippines
26 May 12
Well, during the hot days, people usually flood the malls to breathe in the cold air conditioned environment. I do that too sometimes. But yes, the temptation is quite high to splurge money when you are in the mall. But if you can resist the temptation of buying and burning money, then that idea of yours will suffice.