Close minded people...

May 26, 2012 8:16am CST
It's really hard talking to close minded people. You try to give your side of the story but they still give unreasonable reasons. It make you feel tired and would end up just being the "walk out queen"...
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@Suebee (2013)
• Canada
30 May 12
There are a lot of closed-minded people in this world and unfortunately we all know at least one person like that, probably more. Yes it is very hard and frustrating to deal with them but they are only hurting themselves. Closed-minded people have not only closed their minds to other peoples opinions, ideas, beliefs, ways of thinking, viewpoints etc. but in doing so they have closed their minds to learning. They are only hurting themselves because in being so closed-minded they have insured that they will remain ignorant for the rest of their lives. So sad for them.
@megamatt (14327)
• United States
27 May 12
It is just really frustrating because they are really not going to even consider their points. It would be one thing if they disagreed after some thought about it, because hey, we're going to disagree. But to just shoot it down without any thought whatsoever, that is just something that really makes me shake my head from side to side in frustration. In the end, it is just a futile waste of oxygen and lung power to really get these people to come right to your side of the argument. I would love it if everyone got along right in harmony and respected each other, hearing out all sides of the story. That would really happen in a perfect world but the world we live in is far from an absolutely perfect.
@dandan07 (1908)
• China
26 May 12
Close minded people are always thinking in their own way and hard to accept new ideas from other people. My mother, in some degree, is a close mind people, she always use her value to force to do things in her favorite way. Now I am looking for a job, she forced me to the one near my home. The job is hard and with low salary, but she thought I can be nearby to take care of her. I told her that, I want to lead a different life, while she refused to respect my choice.