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United States
May 27, 2012 8:59pm CST
I LOVE PHYSICS so much so that i'm majoring in theoretical physics, a lot of people don't understand when I say that math is a love similar to music, physics is a child like interest for the world around around me, writing is an extension of thought and a symbolic representation of self where letters and characters are symbols. Is anyone else fascinated by this, from what i've seen here it seems like a longshot. also don't tell me to go to a better site im already registered at a few, it just seems like this place needs a bit more awesome than people posting about their personal life. I'm open to disussing ANYTHING with you whether its history, tech, video games, or anything else!
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@prudent (314)
• India
28 May 12
Glad to see you writing here. I do have mastered in Physics. So which branch of theoretical physics do you like most?
• United States
28 May 12
That is a tough question. Quantum Electrodynamics and Solid State are really interesting, but cosmology is my favorite. Though it's a bit general, the unknown structure of the universe and the idea of time in multi-dimensional coarse grains branching off and distorting along with entropy changing an object regardless of whether time is moving forward or backwards is fascinating.