Great show

@dansazz (1059)
United States
May 29, 2012 11:41am CST
I recently bought the series for my wife. We have been watching this a lot lately. I enjoy the show, but it seems like it is too sad. And I feel it's unrealistic that every ghost would turn out nice, and would cross over. There should be some vengeful spirits and there should be some who just refuse to cross over. And there should be some that goto hell, instead of always going to the light. It gets repetitive. Just thought I'd voice my opinion about this. PLEASE do not give any spoilers, I am only on the second season, and I do not want it ruined for me. Thank you.
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@stealthy (8188)
• United States
29 May 12
I really liked Ghost Whisperer. I hope this isn't a spoiler but keep watching; it gets more interesting eventually.
@dansazz (1059)
• United States
30 May 12
I'm sure it does, or they woulda canceled it lol