English Proficiency

May 29, 2012 7:23pm CST
Hi everyone! I'd like to improve my English writing skill. Does anybody know any respected site for English Grammar Tutorials, Writing Skills Exams?
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@PageTurner (2827)
• United States
31 May 12
Hello gracielou85 I am unaware of any of the types of sites that you seek, however, I have a couple of suggestions. One is to use this myLot site. I imagine that you could do well interacting with other English writers, and this would help improve your skills. The second is, of course, simply to do an internet search and read the reviews. Best to you in your quest!
31 May 12
And as the saying goes, "Practice makes Perfect!". But it is still better to have a basic knowledge on grammars. It's been a long time since I study English. I hope someone can give me a web link :D
• United States
31 May 12
I hope that you find some help, and I wish I could offer more help. I just didn't like seeing your discussion remain unacknowledged. :)
@Shavkat (72497)
• Philippines
22 Jul 12
My suggestion for this, try to search in book stores. I believed they have this technical writing that can help you out. In addition, you can avail some books for basic grammar, the rules in creating compositions or structure of sentences. I used to write in a journal, try to have one.