NeoBux: admin gives accurate number of total registered members.

@Jul14nch0 (1414)
May 29, 2012 10:31pm CST
Here on MyLot we've been talking a lot about the NeoBux's rented referrals controversy. I've seen a huge disbelief here when it comes to renting referrals at NeoBux, even when everyone on the official forms seem to be making profit with that. I've tried it myself and I'm making a decent (not enormous) profit, but this needs to be seen as a very long term investment (180 days or more). Today NeoBux's admin released some accurate data, for example, the one I was hoping to see when I read the announcement title: the total number of registered members, which is now showing at the homepage (18.7m at this moment). You can see the announcement here: (not a referral link). Altought it wasn't the objetive, I hope releasing this data to be the first step to prove that they aren't renting bots since the number of members is much higher that the number of referrals out there. So, what do you think now?
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