What will happen in The Dark Knight Rises 2012

Dark Knight Rises - Legend Ends, Dark Knight Rises 2012
May 30, 2012 3:29am CST
I mean I am a big Batman fan and really look forward for this movie, please share whatever you know about this movie, from the story to everything you may know.
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31 May 12
All I know about The Dark Knight Rises is that an aerial transport of Bane goes awry and he winds up in Gotham City. Furthermore, Catwoman seems to be on the run from Bane herself and winds up in the care of Batman. I am assuming somewhere in the film she falls in love with Batman after ripping him off since she can be seen, as Selina Kyle, wearing the pearls which once belonged to Martha Wayne, but the movie does not tell how she acquired them (that I know of). I believe that, since this is the last of the trilogy, that Batman will come crashing down in a pentultimate fight with Bane.