Maxie/Matt, Kristina/? and .....General Hospital...where's Anthony!

@coffeebreak (17820)
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May 30, 2012 8:37am CST
So.. let's see... I watched yesterdays last night. I predict... Maxie and Matt are getting married so that Maxie doesn't have to testify against her says so. And they will have to stay married at least until statue of limitations requires so Matt will never have to be tried for the least for a little while! Finally...Lisa is over!!! Unless of course, she isn't dead, someone saved her from the water and she will turn up later..the "no body found" ones usually do! Kristina (good grief, another sassy brat returns!) has married some guy..surprise to the family. And they'll be hot and heavy in town and possibly turn out in the next couple months to be someone that hates SOnny(gotta keep that line going, sorry!) and married Kris for that reason. Maxie will take over Crimson, hire Kristina and the girls will make it flurish. Well at least that one is a good story line. And who has Anthoy's body!?!?!???!
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@stealthy (8188)
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30 May 12
Maxie and Matt got married so she wouldn't have to testify but there is not statue of limitations on murder; so they will have to stay married forever if she doesn't want to testify. Christina is trying to do a reality show on her family to punish Sonny and Alexis regardless of what it will do to her sisters. I think Heather has Anthony's body. Dante searched Johnny's apartment; so why wasn't there a blood stain on the carpet from Anthony being shot there?
@coffeebreak (17820)
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31 May 12
Yeah, they said that yesterday...but you know...NEVER has a couple ever stayed married "forever" on a it will come back to haunt us at a later date! Thing is...they will then, probably make the killer turn out to be someone else and then Matt and Maxie will be kicking themselves...him for believing Maxie when she said he did it and her for going through all she did for him for what turns out to have been for no reason! Yeah, a reality show...if that isn't the dumbest story line this year! Franco was dumb enough..but come one...a reality show about Kristina's family? I mean, here she is doing this out of hate to get back at Sonny and Alexis...yet...all the "mob" money is what supported her all her life. All the mob money is probably what is still supporting her in form of trust fund or whatever...without Sonny's money and Alexis "lawyer of the mob" money...she'd been raised without all her luxuries...She wasn't complaining about it all back then! And now she uses it to get what she wants...what a bimbo and trashy, snotty, tramp she turned out to be. I was hoping for something better. What they got going on now is old and boring...Kristina and Maxie heading up Crimson would have been a good story line and a good "non-Sonny", "non-mob", "non-Franco/Jason" storyline! Hadn't thought about no blood at Johnny's, especially since it is a hotel suite and Anthony laid there for quite some time...bleeding. Plus...only a single littel drop of blood on the boat house floor? He'd been shot! There's more blood than that! Don't have a thought about who did it...meaning who took the body from the patio. JOhnny, Luke and Tracy didn't..but who else? I wonder if Padilla has somethign to do with it. She saw him laying there, but then a scene where she walkes in to the police station and Dante is there and she says something about checking up on something as to how he was there before her... wonder if this thing that she and Johnny have going on the sly has somethig to do with it. While she was talking to Johnny in his suite...her looks and mannerisms made me she going to wink at him as if saying "I took the body like you asked" or something like that. Maybe she took it so she could hold it over him to let her out of whatever that deal they made was. Oh,w ell... yet another "who done it?" story to drag on into oblivion!