Our Summer Decision ( I hope I spelled that right)

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May 30, 2012 10:56am CST
So we are a family of 5 and we live pretty much paycheck to paycheck with usually a tiny bit leftover and we had planned this summer to put it away and fix up our house with what little bit we usually have left, but that would mean that we wound't get to make any trips or basically have much fun during the summer because of all the work and saving we would be trying to do. So we decided that this summer we are putting our projects aside, and any chance we get we are going camping. It's a cheap and easy way to go make memories with our family, and some friends. We have a huge tent so we will sleep in that, and just throw some hot dogs and a few other things in a cooler and head out. We are going to fish, and just have fun all summer. So has anyone else done things like this before. Decided to put things aside to go have fun because you only live once and your kids are only little once.
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@timetravel (1428)
• United States
30 May 12
Oh my goodness, yes! My young adult kids are eight years apart in age. We have never had much, but when they were little - that is, when Stephanie was nine or ten, and Paul a year or so old, their dad and I would take money he got from selling textbooks back at the end of the spring semester where he teaches, plus the few bucks we made from our annual yard sale, along with whatever else we save throughout the year, and take at least three or four nights at the beach. There was so much else we could have done with the money, but the kids had so much fun there! The rest of the summer, I'd take the kids on day trips to a more local beach (a 75 minute drive each way!) and we'd go to the Inner Harbor on weekends. When Paul was about three we moved in to a townhouse complex with atwo built in swimming pools, which helped, but as a family we would still take road trips for a day on weekends. Once, we drove the long way to Philadelphia - using the old routes instead of the expressway. Other times we'd drive to Amish country, and find an all you can eat buffet. I still remember when Paul was about seven months old, we did that, and I was hand feeding him peas - he loved them! Now, he won't touch them...lol. We never did go camping, although I still would like to go. I'm trying to save some money for a little tent and some sleeping bags - my daughter is picky about bugs and such, but I think my son would go.
• Philippines
30 May 12
hello sissy, i too come from an not-so-rich family. most of the family earnings goes to food and other very basic necessities. but that wouldn't stop us from having family fun. usually, if the budget is tight, we would simply go to a beach have our breakfast or lunch there. this is a common activity here in my country. there are times that the family would really save up for a simple activity, we would go to a hotel or resort where it has a pool. swimming pools here are everywhere. you just have to pay for an entrance fee. most of them doesn't allow you to bring food inside their premises so you have to buy food from their restaurant. this is why a little budget is needed. we bond in simple activities like this.