Beta Thalassemia and Homozygous hemoglobin e?

May 31, 2012 4:18am CST
My sister from Manila called me a few hours ago telling me that she got diagnosed with beta thalassemia and HB e. A quick search told me that it is genetic and has no cure. I really do not know how to help her as i myself do not know anything about it. Her doctor told her that there's no way to cure it. She is advised to take folic acid for a month but it does not mean it can cure her. Iron is neither advised. A beta globin genotyping is advised for a more definitive diagnosis but only St Lukes offered such services and she stays a way too far from quezon city where st luke's is. She did not inform her employer about it because she is afraid that would mean her termination from her job. I had no idea either if that disease can be a reason though it is not contagious. Would this type of disease can be a ground for termination? I am trying to convince her to come home but she is hesitant. She is staying with some colleagues and friends in Manila. She feels too devastated right now. Wish I could help but i dont know how. :(
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@jziakhan (702)
• Pakistan
2 Jun 12
Just pray to The God and everything will be fine. Offer her your support and stay calm through this, allright?