AIDS-like disease???

May 31, 2012 11:23pm CST
I just read yahoo today and this article caught me ! I am a health care provider and it makes me too scared to read about this new discovery. Although it is still under studies, the idea of having another kind of fatal virus creeps me. The disease is called, CHAGAS, a tropical disease spread by insects. One medical journal call it, "the new AIDS of the Americas" . Creepy isn't it? Read more about this at this link: It's on yahoo now! READ and be aware!!!!
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@lady1993 (18606)
• Philippines
1 Jun 12
That is actually scary.. since it is spread by insects, you won't even know which ones are infected. If people are clueless about this, this would definitely spread fast, since if people have an itch, they usually just scratch it..
• Philippines
1 Jun 12
You are actually true that the first reaction to an itch is to scratch the itchy area! Then for all we know, we already got infected. Let's just pray that we will not get near to this kind of illness since we cannot tell which insect has the virus and which hasn't!!!
@sivaeinfo (220)
• India
1 Jun 12
Human cannot live with these kind of disease. Why these disease arises? because of the medical mistake or because of not having natural food. Human can't withstand anymore from these kind of disease. I will pray to god that it is enough. we can't get it more. Mostly Aids, cancer are very dangerous disease. Every one should aware and protect before it comes. Government should take necessary action for this to stop.
@ersmommy1 (12600)
• United States
1 Jun 12
I saw this report too. So I did a bit of research. 8-11 million cases worldwide. There are 300,000 cases US. It's carried by the KISSING bug. I don't recall the technical name. Most of the cases are coming from immigrants who have unfortunately been bitten. It then eventually effects a persons heart. Not too creepy if you are careful.