Neighbors are not the most memorable

June 1, 2012 1:30am CST
I have a neighbor right in front of his house. This is actually the most annoying neighbor, every what I always bought by my neighbors, such as not to be outdone. Back when my house repaired by painting the house, after I finished the house in the neighbor's house a few later the house went along with painting the house. Seimilarly, when buying a new bike, they also went along. The last thing they like it always throw trash in the gutter of my house and loves to sit on the wall, because the white house paint, so that the wall leaving a trail of their legs. Do you have the same experience as me? What do you do with a neighbor like that?
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@advokatku (4037)
• Indonesia
12 Jun 12
I'm not yet ever have neighbor like your neighbor and hopefully never faced the neighbors like that. If I were you, may only increase the sense of gratitude and patience to deal with them.
• Indonesia
3 Jun 12
Hi bhasrsil83, Im sorry to hear that you have such annoying neighbor. If they try to compete with you then it will be their lost to buy something just because you buy a new thing. Always remember to buy something you need, not something to compete, if they envy of you then let them be they will waste their life to compete and to envy other people, a never ending jealousy and will cost a lot of money, they will never satisfy with what they have and keep looking what other people do or what other people buy then try to buy something else. I wonder what is it they are looking for? is it status, to be called as the rich? there is sky above sky, they will meet another richer family and will they try to compete again? about the wall, cant you tell them nicely not to do what they did to your wall? if they still not listening to your complain, talk to the village leader about it, im sure they will do something. I dont have the same experience, but one of my neighbors is very noisy. She yelled at her children all the time, it is annoying to hear her screaming out loud scolding her children and then the next minute we hear the children crying out loud, she has 2 sons and 1 daughter they are all so noisy. this woman likes to talk out loud while accepting phone call, and the kids like to playing outside and screaming outloud even if it was 9pm grrrr. we tried to talk to area leader Ketua RT, at first the neighbor will gone quiet but then after few days they will return to the same old habit.