Why I cannot just simply ignore those situation...

June 1, 2012 11:18am CST
Good day Fellow Mylotters, I really do not know why most of the time, I was the one who always witnessed the not so good situation here in our home. Like for example, the way how my brother and my sister-in-law raising up their children. As my sister-in-law always tolerates her son even he commits mistakes. That, even her son has done some bad attitudes, my sister-in-law will just ignore it and say, its fine, because he is still a child. Yes, its true, my nephew is still a child, and he is just 7 years old. But, as for me, he should begin to know what is good and what is bad, as he is in the stage of exploring things. Aside from that, if he will not be guided accordingly, he will think that, what he is doing is simply right. Hence, in this regard, I always reminds my brother and even my sister-in-law but, it seems that they just ignore my advises. Thus, I am quite disgusted to myself, why I cannot just simply ignore the situation that I am witnessing.
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7 Jun 12
You cannot ignore the situation because you care.. You can do discipline the child yourself but in the tiniest, gentle way in order to eliminate a fight with your brother or sis-in-law.
• Philippines
2 Jun 12
Hi airasheila, I somehow understand what you mean. I have cousins and nieces too. Their parents tolerate them just because they are kids. But that's exactly the point, we should start molding them correctly when they are young. We cannot correct them when they are old, can we. If they tolerate the wrong doings 'just because' they are kids, then they will start to think that what they do is correct and they will bring that attitude up to the time they mature. Good day!
@tkonlinevn (5784)
• Vietnam
2 Jun 12
Because you're a sister. You must care your siblings and your family. If you're too stress, you can escape by a vocation :)