108 days and almost 15 weeks left

ultrasound picture of baby - Here is my ultrasound picture of my unborn son.
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June 1, 2012 3:56pm CST
Yay! This week coming I'll be in my third trimester the crunch time before the my second baby my little boy is born. I can't believe that I'm now down to 108 days give or take couple of days and about 15 weeks left till he is born. I think we are going to make it till I'm 36 weeks this time which is my goal for this pregnancy. Things are feel tight already with every little movement my little guy makes. I can't wait to see who he looks more like me or his dad. Our daughter everyone says looks more like my husband then me which is fine because I don't look white even though I'm part white. It'll be cute to see if he has blond hair or not or blue eyes which is what our daughter has right now. This pregnancy of course its every noticeable that I'm pregnant unlike last time and I have people asking me what I'm having. Every new ultrasound picture we get we show all of our friends and family and they are just so shocked about how human he looks and that you can make out little details of what he kind of looks like. I know the rest of our family doesn't like to show off there ultrasound pictures like we do but we just like everyone to see how they could possibly look like. Here is one of my favorite pictures so far of my little guy. He put his hand in his mouth and was sucking on his fingers and has his little thumb pointing at us at the time. My little bald baby. I know he'll be perfect in every little way. Our second surprise baby. My next set of pictures are at 26 weeks and 27 weeks I have two different doctor appointments one about my little guys feet and normal exam that they do every 4 weeks.
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2 Jun 12
Hello, and congratulations on being a mama again. Children truly are little bundles of joy. The third trimester does seem to be the worse, it's so uncomfortable and your so excited and ready to have the baby as well. Pretty soon you'll have a precious little boy to cuddle and take care of. Is your daughter excited to be a big sister, sometimes that's a hard transition for siblings? I got lucky and all my children were happy to have another sibling. Thanks for sharing your ultra-sound photo with us. The hospitals I had mine at didn't have the option to have the photo's in 3rd, but I think they are so neat and way more detailed to actually see what the baby looks like.
@ShyBear88 (18492)
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3 Jun 12
With my first the 3rd trimester wasn't bad at all it was short for me I had my daughter at 35 weeks. I really didn't get uncomfortable with her at all. My daughter is only 16 month so she really doesn't get that we are having another baby. She hears talking about the baby and we point to my stomach and say the baby's name so she points to my stomach and says his name but she has no understanding that its a baby and what a baby really is outside of what smaller babies are. This isn't the 3D picture this what they call the 4D because its a picture taken in real time while the baby is physically moving. the 3D ultrasound are the normally black and white ones. I had a few with my daughter but its still hard to tell what they will really look like but you kind of get and idea of what they may or not look like. We aren't sure how long into the 3rd trimester I will get since we had growth issues with our first and we might have the same with our second they keep tracking him every closely since they have a pregnancy history to work off of right now.