App.Opinionplace | Chef.Opinionplace : How Do You Complete Surveys From Them?

United States
June 2, 2012 3:11pm CST
In Separate sites that I use to earn cash, I've been using a different "profile" to get myself the reward while keeping my privacy, but when ever the survey redirects to one of these sites (Listed at the Subject), It either disqualifies me or says the survey is at its maximum number of (demographic) participants. Has anyone else experienced this, and have you ever completed a survey from this site? I have not yet completed one, but I'm starting to believe that this site just disqualifies me for no apparent reason. P.S. The site I'm talking about is not the one in the image, when you get onto the site, it shows a background (from top to bottom) a gradient of light green to white.
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