BIG 3 vs. BIG 3

June 2, 2012 5:17pm CST
it wiil be a very great match-up if san antonio and miami heat will face each other on the finals of NBA and the great match ups also to those three marquee players of both team, you have lebron,wade,and bosh in miami and a veteran big three of spurs duncan , parker and ginobili. who gonna win this one, lets us all at the tipoff!
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• Philippines
3 Jun 12
They're both great players but the fact that the Spurs' big 3 is way older or aged compared to their opponent's, as the "wear and tear" factor might show. But I think that'll also depend on either teams' bench scoring. Whichever team that will have a good bench will also be a great factor. But the team that wants it more will likely get the W in the series.
@lakantar (1575)
• Greece
3 Jun 12
Well these are the best of each team but I think the Spurs doesn't seem to be that much anymore about their superstars since this year Popovich tried (and since they reached at such an advanced level, he managed) to create a team that their players put the team above the personal stats and fame, for example Duncan that even he didn't have as high numbers as previous years he said that he enjoy playing in spurs and he'd probably stay one more year. On the other hand the Big3 of Heat played well most of the year, Bosh now is the big question of how he'll be when he'll return. But unfortunately for them coach Spoelstra seems that he doesn't have control of his team as it appeared in the game 3 against Pacers where he and Wade were arguing most of the time in the second half, something that I don't think can easily happen against Popovich.