easy spent

June 2, 2012 5:57pm CST
why is it that money don't usually comes to people that make use of it very well, as in spending it wisely or investing it somewhere good, it always goes for the people that lavish it, can someone tell me why this is happening.
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@camalich (1118)
• Spain
3 Jun 12
Here ( in Spain) we say: Money makes money; the more money you have the more you make. So if you have only little money it will continue to decrease because the ones with the big money will get more so someone has to lose and guess who :P
• Singapore
3 Jun 12
I am not sure why this is always happening to the poor people either. It's a rather sad cycle of life. I have been trying to earn extra money eversince I started working as everyone seems to want a bit of everything I have.It's terrible that those who have money never appreciate how much they have and those who have so little can never get even a quarter of what the rich have. It's terrible that we have to struggle with insurmountible bills every month while the rich sail through their rich lives without a monetary worries. My conclusion is life is just not fair.
@NailTech (6890)
• United States
2 Jun 12
I had been thinking the same thing. It's just not really fair that the ones who basically only use it for their necessities and bills always get the short end of the stick in those ways and the ones who have all the money in the world get more and more. I have been thinking on the same wave length as you these days. When someone finds this out, I would like to know why as well.