Facebook vs. Twitter vs. Mylot; social media domination!

June 3, 2012 6:58pm CST
with these social media sites, people can find and do whatever they want; blogging,hosting,making moneyor other business related things. with those sites are there anything the netizen cannot find with those fav sites.?
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• Philippines
6 Jun 12
With this site You can earn money and connect to other people around the world. It gives big help to us.
@seobuzz (1120)
• India
7 Jul 12
You are absolutely correct. The best things about these website is that you can make friends , chat with different kind of people from different parts of the world.
@Erickie (20)
6 Jun 12
I chat with friends and my idols too. I even get to know whats happening world wide thats not enough, u can ship some cash thanx to mylot.
@chiyosan (30205)
• Philippines
5 Jun 12
I think everything is indeed available in these sites. I would say that even those who are in the said have almost done anything they please... Like play games, or even communicate with everyone they want to have a conversation with... i am sure though that even if you do not have access to all these, you still would find some valuable time spent on any of these sites. =)
• Canada
4 Jun 12
Honestly I like Facebook, but I only use it for chatting and keeping in touch with friends and old work buddies. Myspace I used years ago but that is nothing more then a spam site for people these days. This mylot however is one of my fast growing " I like" sites. It is fun and of course you can meet nice people and make moola:)
• Philippines
4 Jun 12
Hello renzonation, I think the Facebook and twitter had been even more popular than mylot. that's because organizations, Governments and even the Media uses facebook to spread what ever to the netizens who mostly dominated everything. we are free to at least use those sites unlike some countries who are actually banned from it
@PoppaDave (438)
• United States
4 Jun 12
I use them all and make money at several. If the other doesnt male me money, I find a way to use it to help my other sites if I can. =)