What food you can and can't eat during pregnancy?

June 4, 2012 12:14am CST
I'm pregnant with my 3rd baby right now. A lot says that I'm already pro with this kind of question but to tell you honestly, I'm not. I'm still confused of what i can and cannot eat during pregnancy and sometimes it's kinda frustrating. Every time I got pregnant a new list of what i cannot eat was being given to me.. Some, quite confusing because I always thought that they are good to eat but its not based on the list the doctor has provided me. Maybe, what I would like to know is... do you follow this certain kind of rule where you can't eat some of these food, or you just go on with your cravings? I know there's a lot of things and food and beverage that i can't take and I don't take it or eat it if I know it's bad for our health. but what about, cheese, eggs, mayonnaise etc?
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• United States
4 Jun 12
Listen to your own body and respect your cravings. When you crave a specific food it's because there are certain nutrients in that food that your body wants and needs. Your unborn baby is "taking" from your body so it can survive and grow. If you're hungry for cheese, eggs and mayonnaise it may be because your body needs protein and fat. If you eat those things and they make you sick you should also pay attention to that as well. Take good care of yourself!
• United States
5 Jun 12
I cut out junk food completely which wasn't hard because I was turned off it almost immediately like coffee. I just couldn't handle it anymore. They tell you to avoid seafood because of the high mercury content. That means nothing like swordfish, mackerel and no more than I think it's 8oz of fish like tuna a week. Avoid refrigerated meat or pate spreads, they kind you get out of the deli section. Avoid raw foods, soft cheeses like blue cheese and foods that are unpasteurized like eggs or juice. Cook everything thoroughly like eggs. The babies brain needs eggs especially in the later months when the brain is developing. Congratulations!
• Philippines
6 Jun 12
Thanks for the help! I'm really not into junk foods... thou I'm addicted to tea before... but a little sacrifice will not hurt, specially when it comes to my baby's health.
• United States
13 Jun 12
Just switch to decaf. That's what I did. There's plain decaf and flavored kinds. You will have to let me know how everything goes for you. If you want to ask me questions I will be floating around. Mostly late night eastern time.
• China
4 Jun 12
Chinese women always eat the fresh vegetables,fruit,fish and other Health care products.