private or publiic schools

@chevill (316)
June 5, 2012 4:35am CST
i am a mother of brilliant child, i want her to continue her studies in a private school even if sometimes we lack financially, my husband isn't agrre and he want me to transfer my daughter to a public school, quality education is my reason.. how about u?
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• Philippines
5 Jun 12
Hi @chevill! I finished my elementary and high school education in a public school and I can say that the public education in our place at that time is of high quality since all of us passed the NCEE exam then. Maybe its because the elementary and high school where I go to existed because it is under the college that specializes education as their major course. The students are limited then and we have "student teachers". But at present, my Alma mater in elementary and high school sad to say has deteriorated. Their graduates are not not excelling. I don't know what happened. So, my husband and I decided to send our daughters to a private Catholic school. We are lucky that the school we have chosen are affordable and teaches values as well. I think it is also important for children to be molded well in character and not just academically. I am not saying that public school offers low quality education since there are many public schools that offers quality education. My main concern is the student to teacher ration that reaches as high as 1:70. So this will greatly affect the learning of the students.
@tatsumaki (189)
• Indonesia
5 Jun 12
If you can effort it then you should give her better school for her future
@Mashnn (4503)
5 Jun 12
I would prefer private school rather than public school but it all depends on your financial situation. If you cannot afford to pay for private school then you can take her to public school then look for a private tutor. This might be a bit cheaper. The other way is transfer her to another cheaper private school.