which two wrestlers had the best chemistry in the ring?

June 5, 2012 5:55am CST
hi friends.lol.not talking about chemistry as in dx. its as opponents. one guy wrote in his blog that with tensai,even cena could not make the match exciting.citing bad chemistry. so just wondering if there was any pair who knew each others move so well that they could pull off the match flawlessly and also keeping the crowd excited? for me i always loved the crossface vs ankle lock matches between benoit and angle. but again my knowledge of wwe is very limited.
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• Calgary, Alberta
6 Jun 12
wrestlers who are best friends in real always make great matches.,They can work together in a match with harmony, they were more careful to not botch. Based on what I watched through the years, Wrestlers who are friends in real life makes the best kayfabe matches. Though I dont like Cena, his match with Brock is kinda good though. I guess because there is blood.
• India
7 Jun 12
lol.i know pretty much everyone here hates brock but when i saw him during that pay-per view against cena,i was dumbstruck.he doesnt have the same bulky body but the brute strength with which he lifted the referee with single hand without much effort,that was missing in WWE. the guy has this negative energy around him.i was more excited seeing brock more than the rock though. besides blood is pretty much non-existent because of PG.
• United States
7 Feb 13
This is from way back. Jake the snake Roberts and Ricky the Dragon steamboat. If you ever get a chance to see any of their matches, do it. They were all great. at one point some of their matches involved both a snake and a dragon. VERY COOL!!!