What is the best sanction for Child murderers?

@zip12ph (179)
June 5, 2012 7:28am CST
I had watch a video on YouTube, It's regarding a 5 months old child that was molested and was raped by her own father and uncle. Also heard some news regarding children(TODDLERS AGE) who are killed due to beating because they are noisy or hardheaded, raped and all stuff that i cant imagine.The worst is that the person who did this are their own parents or relatives. This really breaks my hearts, being a mother, i always wanted the best for my children and i would even die for them. I really despise this, and even will vote to have the Death Penalty be approve as sanction for this criminal who are killing or even harming innocent child.This really frustrates me, especially to the Government, who all have time to discuss regarding corruption, seldom did i hear them discussing laws to protect children.My fellow mylotters what is your opinion on this?
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• Philippines
5 Jun 12
well, thats a really and bad situation right there, and justice system must prevail to those sinners not only by law of people but also the law of GOD.