APAD and Other Tablets

June 6, 2012 5:05am CST
I've seen APADs on sale and they look like a clone of Ipads. I wonder if someone can give any feedback about the performance and durability of this tablet. Price is like 4 or 5 times cheaper than IPADs.
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• Philippines
20 Sep 12
I've purchased an iPad before, when the iPad was totally a hit last year... I was curious about tablet computers so i give it a try to purchase mine. Since i cannot afford the price of the iPad i had myself settle for less (i was just curious about the product so, i bought it). It was the biggest mistake buying a rip-off. for some reasons, they are slow, the touch-screen is not that responsive, and apps are hard to find. It was indeed a waste of money and sadly, it easily brokes down. I suggest my friend if you'll buy a tablet computer, buy something that has a reputable brand. I replaced my crappy aPad with the Samsung Galaxy Tab although pricey but it is worth it. You can buy also other tablets with brands for the less of the price but i suggest, if you want a tablet don't settle for a rip-off. Have a greay day!
• Philippines
20 Sep 12
sorry, i mistype my sentence it was an "aPad" not an iPad... i purchased an aPad tablet before... just to clear things... my apologies.
@nxwkev (244)
• United States
25 Jun 12
The APADs are the slowest computers ever... I suggest you wait a few months and get a branded tablet running Windows 8. Windows 8 on a tablet is the best experience ever.
@chan2zexy (508)
• Philippines
6 Jun 12
Based on what I've read, APADs are also 4 to 5 times cheaper in quality, those that are in the price range of less than $100. And it's much easier to break than iPad or any other tablets like Samsung, Acer, etc. If you're planning on getting a tablet, I suggest you save up for branded ones. To get your money's worth and to avail the warranty. =)