Isn't it crazy how today could be history to the next generation?

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June 6, 2012 9:52pm CST
I have been pondering on this for the last few days. I was talking to my niece who is only 13 years old about what happened on 9/11/2001. She looked and said she knows, that her history teacher had just gone over it this year. I could not believe that she learned it in history class. It is crazy how 9-11 is now sitting along side with World War I and World War II inside of her history book. So as we discussed it I showed her pictures and then showed her some videos on the internet about it. She cried for a good part of the videos I showed her. Have you experienced this yet with your young children? Have they come to you and said that something that happened in your life time is now in their history books?
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10 Jun 12
Oh, and sandra_hatfield, are you related to the Hatfieilds? My boyfriend has me watching the History Channel Hatfield vs McCoy special right now, and I'm starting to get real interested in the history of it all.
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7 Jun 12
I think about that sometimes and it blows my mind. I am not around any children old enough to be asking about history, but I remember being 11 years old during 9-11 and not understanding the scope and impact of what happened...I can't imagine being younger than that during an important event. I wonder, is this how our grandparents feel when we ask about the wars?