Do we realize that we will get old and die?

United States
June 7, 2012 5:30am CST
Ok I know this is grim but, do you realize how fast time is going by? Things change in a blink of an eye. you learn to walk then die. Do you remember being a little kid longing and waiting for your birthday. You count down the days and it feels like you are waiting forever. Or being in 7th grade and anxiously awaiting high school. Felt like forever, and how long ago was that? You hold on to moments and think they'll stay that way. Everything we look forward to will soon happen and then you are remembering. We long for the future and the future will soon be the past. I think the only thing we are really looking forward to is death, that is where we're heading, the last thing there is to look forward to. After that there is no past, present or future. Death will stay the same forever.
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• United States
8 Jun 12
yes babytaffster...this is horribly grim...thank you so much for sharing these thoughts, although i suppose this is a good forum for one to simply...vent...i hope you are not suffering from depression and this is just a philosophical moment for is good to think about everything and be prepared for things...but i hope that all your thoughts are not so grim and moments so depressing...peace to you babytaffster! (by the way, that is a lovely dog in your avatar..)
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• United States
10 Jun 12
That was my dog Callie. Unfortunatly when my my mom broke up with her boyfriend she said "here, take the dog." and left her there. Which makes me mad cuz she was my freaking dog! (sorta) Yes I do suffer from depression. But this was more of those I just sorta thought about it kinda things.:)
• China
8 Jun 12
Hi babytaffster,when I was a child I hope I can grow up in one night.But I do not think so in recent years.I compared my photos took 5 years ago with present's photos,I realized I really got old.My eyes are not so shining than the moment I was yough.Time flies.we can not control the step of the time ,but we must keep a active heart to face our life.The passed had not come back ,the future cannot predict,but today is so wonderful.Why not enjoy ourselves? Best wishes for you
@ryanong (9694)
• Vietnam
8 Jun 12
I really don't care much about it is natural and i am a part of it. i juts try to live in happiness everyday as i can...I am very calm with being older or dying...