If you can change your sponsor in clixsense what will you decide ?

Mumbai, India
June 7, 2012 7:07am CST
Hi Guys First of all I Know Clixsense is very strict when it comes to changing sponsors now. But don't worry I have asked the support whether i could change my sponsors or not and they have replied 'YES' because my sponsors is my friends i knew he is not using clixsense anymore i told him to delete his account few months back and now i can change my sponsors now the part which has confused me what I should do now ? or what would you do if you can have a sponsors I know many of you would not have a sponsors at clixsense for sure but you are always looking for referrals which is kinda weird the way i see it Should I join under one of the friend here at mylot who are looking to make money online.(which i am thinking i would do but confused on whom to choose ) Or Should I join under the teams which we can find online for Clixsense (I saw two teams at EMS forums out of which one was scammed by the team leader and the other one has a honest leader but has many member so it would take time to get referrals) Or Is there anything else which I can do. [b]Please don't spam your offers here I would report it to be deleted I just need suggestion of what you would do if you are in the same Situation which i am currently in now [/b] Feel Free to join this amazing site paying since 2007