Does it change your perception if?

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@quawertz (781)
June 7, 2012 1:09pm CST
Before I proceed to the actual topic that I want to discuss, I just want to warn anyone who will be reading this that this post is a bit superficial and here's why. I am just wondering, do some of you find someone who sings/dance/play(athlete) very well attractive? I have a really big crush on this local celebrity dancer and I find him super attractive and very handsome though my mom, my sister and some of my friends disagree. Actually, in reality he is just an average looking guy but when he dances he suddenly becomes super handsome, haha. Same with the singers that I really really admire, when I watch their music videos I really think they're super handsome. Anyone, Want to share their opinions?
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• Malaysia
8 Jun 12
the mind wants to see and feel what the mind wants to see and feel. not everyone has the same taste.some people sees brad pitt as the handsomest man around but some don't.some ladies loves hunky buffed ripped fitness model, but some loves the chubby cuddly guy. i know what you mean. here i have friends, i mean most of them who are so heads over heels for korean k-pop princess,j-pop singers, also some who prefers western ladies, blondes while i myself being from malaysia, i prefer someone from the philipines for example. someone who looks exotic, and who looks as local as any malaysian local women..i dont go for chinese or japanese or korean beauties like most. its probably because im sooo used to seeing them on tv on magazine that i dont really get exited seeing them. as for the guy who dance and suddenly his dances creates imagination of someone who excites you.or the singers whos video clip u watch. another thing is someone who sings/dance/atheletes who are well known, besides being talented they are well promoted due for the commercial value of their looks hence u see them almost everywher, on tv, magazines, shows etc.
8 Jun 12
Persanality in any jobs not depends morphological beauty its is inner strenth of human beings
8 Jun 12
A person turned into a superhuman in our eyes when their what they're passionate about. I think that's just what you saw.
@SHAMRACK (8532)
• India
8 Jun 12
Dear friend, There are celebrities and talented people whom I would like admire even though I do not know them personally. I had also seen many of actress and actors are pretty good looking. But, I feel their beauty is more projected when they posses a good personality, the way they behave to others and what right things they do. I feel.... 1.Respect for those who do good things 2.Attracted to beautiful 3.Admiration to those who are talented. 4.Love to those are trustworthy and sinece in love. If those above four qualities are in one person I consider that person is a legend.