difference between non vegetarian and vegetarian foods?

June 8, 2012 12:50am CST
hi friends, i am a non vegetarian. i loves and likes to eat chicken aqnd fish daily,... one day my staffs told me that she is on FASTING that day. so dont eat food that day. but i saw she drank mango juice as well as curd. i asked her why she drank it as she is on fasting? she said she not eat food at the time of fasting. but use juices and curd... then i confused...WHAT THIS FASTING MEANS THEN?... also she said she used to eats eggs.. but she is a pure vegetarian. i cant digest her thoughts because i consider eggs as non vegetarian. how do you define vegetarian and non vegetarian/ give reason
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@else22 (4319)
• India
9 Jun 12
A vegetarian is the one who does not eat meat and eggs.He takes only vegetables and milk etc in his meals.But my doctor recently disturbed my mind.He asked me,'If you don't take eggs,then why do you take milk? Eggs are produced by hens.You say they are non veg.Milk is also produced by cows.How come it be a vegetarian food.'He really has a logic,and I would have to think over it.