RICH OR POOR: Who are actually causing the inbalance in Today's World?

@Chikezie (386)
June 8, 2012 2:00am CST
This is a great in-balance in the world. The Rich are hated for being rich and seen as monopolizing the resources of wealth acquisition and do not consider those down the ladder. The Poor are seen is shallow thinkers who are not ready to leave the world better than they met it. That are mediocre. Does it really help as the world is unbalanced. Is the world really fighting to shift blames?
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@Soniasony (1827)
• India
8 Jun 12
I think the blame game has to stop.Rich should be more humble and look at the people as humans and not as poor.Poor should fight with themselves within to come out of the feeling that they are poor!, they should build a confidence within themselves and raise themselves for the betterment.No one is poor nor rich I have to say.Its how we feel about ourselves.
@Bluedoll (17054)
• Canada
8 Jun 12
I can see a world where there are rich and they help others and there are poor that live reasonably. Both can achieve happiness. It becomes an individuals expression of life but is this the real world or just a vision of what it could be? Believe.
@adee28 (32)
• Philippines
8 Jun 12
I remember from my sociology class before, after a lecture our professor came to conclusion which lists the advantages of the existence of poverty referring to poor class of people and of poor countries. That would probably give reasons for majority of rich people and first class countries to, either consciously or unconsciously, not care or do something about poverty of some people the world. If everyone is rich then who would be there to serve them? Even Jesus said, "the poor will always be with us."
• Indonesia
8 Jun 12
both gives contribution. to solve it, the rich man should more give their attention to the poor people and give them motivation and strength, not doing the opposite. poor people usually become less confidence facing the competition and real life comparing the rich people, so we can't blame them at all