Life is unfair right?

June 8, 2012 4:59am CST
Life is unfair.Every one knows.From problems,are not the same happen,and even the human nature. Sometimes you having hard time to understand people attitude,about your life too.I only give to God all,
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@krizzy (237)
• Philippines
9 Jun 12
I don't think life is unfair at all..I keep in mind that life is full of challenges..and I don't rely on my own strength to go through all the problems I encountered in my life..I keep on trusting God to help me each day and I know He is bigger than my problems..I thank God for giving me an opportunity to live and enjoy life with His know just to be alive is a miracle!:)
@Bluedoll (17055)
• Canada
8 Jun 12
Yes when it all gets to be too much that is the place to go.
@ARIES1973 (9539)
• Legaspi, Philippines
8 Jun 12
Life is fair. There maybe some things that happened which is not favorable to us but remember we are given equal opportunities in this world. The question is how we make use of these opportunities. There are things that we may have asked but was given to us in some other form. Perhaps we asked to be loved and He gave us people around. Or should I say we asked to be strong and He gave us problems to solve. Start the day by counting our blessings! There is so much more to be thankful rather than complaining about. Have a nice day!
8 Jun 12
I think it depends how the way you view about life. Blessings that we ever felt is infinite, and we can't count on how many we have got, because it's so...many. You can breathe, you can see, you can read, you don't have to create air, water, plant to eat, etc. Sometimes we don't get what we want, but we are given things what we need. And we don't just live in this world, but also next in the afterlife. There will be so fair.
• Indonesia
8 Jun 12
I think life is pretty fair for me, i always think this way Just because we dont get what we want but we always get what we need. We need problems in our life to train us to be a better person, and I believe God never give us burden or problem more than our ability to solve it. About those people who might giving us a hard time, maybe they did not mean in to treat us in that way, maybe because we dont understand them enough or have we ever thought probably other people think about us in that way too, that we give them a hard time? We are human, we made mistakes sometime. Maybe for my own view I treat other people in good way, but probably other people doesnt feel it. What we got in this life is actually pretty fair, it is all in balance but sometime we just dont see it because we only see the problems thing, we dont count the happiness and the blessing that we get from God. I do have problem in life, i have problem with relationship, friends, money, etc but I try not to see it as burden but I will consider it as a test because I know Im capable to pass it. Life is fair, we just need to change our point of view.
• Indonesia
8 Jun 12
yeah i agreed, and world is cruel, if we don't prepared, we are done.
• India
8 Jun 12
Yes, I feel success in life depends on opportunities thrown open to you and the best way you react to it. Your life is great if you are at the right place and at the right time. Otherwise it looks unfair. It is true that there is a supremepower controlling whatever you prefer to call it. It is better to be cheerful and go with the flow that resent or regret life's unfairness.
8 Jun 12
Yeah sometimes I have that thinking's really unfair in many aspects.but we will just trust God, he knows everything about us as long as we are doing good.