Google chrome and internet explorer suck

@jambi462 (4597)
United States
June 8, 2012 7:27am CST
So I downloaded firefox a couple days ago and it was working wonderfully like it normally does, then my computer asked me to install a bunch of updates and now I can't even open firefox anymore. I have no idea how to fix this problem, I can't delete it because it keeps saying that I have to close firefox even though it's not open. I also can't reinstall it because it says the same thing I can't do it because firefox is open. The internet can be really frustrating sometimes and for some reason google chrome on my computer is so incredibly slow it's not even worth using. Internet explorer isn't great either because often it has problems displaying webpages. Like on mylot I will respond to a discussion and it will take so long to try and post my response that the internet won't be able to display webpage and i will lose everything that I just typed. I just wish I could figure out how to get mozilla firefox working again. Any suggestions?
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@McCreeper (781)
• United States
9 Jun 12
I'm pretty sure it's not the internet browser, but the site itself that is causing the bandwidth connection to be incredibly slow. As far as I know, You can check whether Firefox is open is completely open or closed by going to your Task Manager and to processes. Then find "Firefox.exe" and end the process; [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Esc] for Vista / 7 [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Del] / [Delete] for XP/95/98/2000/ME I also recommend scanning your computer for viruses; they may also slow down your internet connection. Hope this helps.
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• Singapore
14 Jun 12
There are 2 simple ways to solve this: • Restart your computer • End Firefox using task manager by pressing ctrl + shift + esc, under Processes, look for and end all of firefox.exe process. Sometime the problem is not with the browser but rather your internet speed or the condition of your computer. Before asking for help, it will always good to try out the suggestions below whenever your internet is slow: • Clear your browsing history & do regularly maintenance (such as updates, defrag your hard disk, scan your computer for Malware etc). • Uninstall/disable unnecessary toolbars and add-ons. • If after all of the maintenance had done and the website is still slow, try opening/visiting the same page using different browsers. If you had done the 3 suggestions stated above and still experience slow or problem loading, most likely is your ISP/internet problem. Wait a while or try to visit the website at a different time. Regarding on myLot, I usually copy everything and paste in a notepad before I hit the post response button. If I'm not wrong, if you are using Firefox, usually a back button or refresh should be able to recover all of the text.
@megamatt (14331)
• United States
11 Jun 12
I agree with the statement about Internet Explorer. At one time a long time ago it was actually not that bad but I feel like a rather old person just remembering the glory days. The days where Internet Explorer was not the steaming pile that it has turned out to be in recent years. I really just tend to enjoy Chrome myself, but there are times where I know it has its faults. Especially on certain computers and with certain web pages not really gelling right with Chrome. As for your problem with Firefox, I would suggest going to the task manager and closing out the Firefox process and seeing if that works. If it doesn't work, then really I have nothing.
@maximax8 (29135)
• United Kingdom
10 Jun 12
I don't get on well with Internet Explorer at all. I use Morzilla Firefox and it is great. I recommend you get in a computer expert. I have one that I use from time to time. I have had trouble with the Internet stop working and that has been my Internet provider twice now. Good luck.
@beachdune (908)
• India
9 Jun 12
You might be using a older system ( just like me ) so that's why chrome does not work properly for you . Ya firefox is the best browser available ( its even better than chrome ) . You can try downloading the firefox installation file and try re install using the repair option . If you don't have anything important password stored in firefox , then uninstall it and install the latest version . Also you can try opera because it works well with slow computers and also compresses data which will be useful if you are on a slow usage limited connection .
• United States
9 Jun 12
Your speed problem is most likely not a browser issue. It could be a connection issue. Perhaps a memory issue but I doubt it. I am surprised your computer is not giving you the option of closing Mozilla. There has to be a way to forcefully close it, such as logging off. When it comes to Internet Explorer the number of items on your menu bar might be slowing you down, especially when you open it. I do not have Firefox, but I do have Internet Explorer and Chrome and I would put Internet Explorer as the worst, Chrome as better, and Firefox is most likely the best.
@RawBill1 (8541)
• Gold Coast, Australia
8 Jun 12
Try doing a system restore on your computer and take the settings back a week or so to before this issue came up. That might help to fix it. If that does not work, then I have no idea what to do. It is a weird one that's for sure! I prefer Firefox and really only use IE and Chrome out check out site issues or how things are displaying on my website. Good luck!
@tiffnkeat (1679)
• Singapore
8 Jun 12
I am using chrome, and it seems to work just fine. Could it be more than just the browser that is causing you problems? Why not check your connection speed, or call your service provider for some resolution?