Democracy, God and Religion.

@advokatku (4037)
June 9, 2012 9:47pm CST
Democracy based on that sovereignty there in the hand of people. Meanwhile in Religion, all religion state that sovereignty is only there in the hands of God and man/ society is just caliph or His representative. In democracy, the people who make their law to organize their own lives. While in religion, the people must follow and comply the law of God's law that has given through His apostles. In democracy, teached that a government will meet whatever desire and hope their people. In religion, we teached, the government and the people who form a government, the both are must fulfill whatever has become will and purpose the God. In democracy there a kind of absolute people authority with the power which run free and uncontrolled manner. In religion, God is the source the law. As source of law, God become figure control, supervisory and giver of punishment. Based on differences democracy and religious above, are you has ever think, religion can be reconciled in the context of democracy? If democracy and religion rolled into one in a stream, are they can consistent? Or whether democracy will take the concept of religion? or religious which will take the value of democracy ?
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@matersfish (6311)
• United States
10 Jun 12
Once you let religion actually creep into a democracy in the form of government control, it's the religion that will ultimately win out. I realize this isn't all religious people, but some--and especially those who seek political office feeling it's their divine calling--end up wanting to rule from their Bible or Quran or whichever holy book they get their rules from. I think a true "democracy" isn't exactly the way to go, but rather a country needs to be a representative republic. For example, you can't have 85% Christians telling everyone else to lead a Jesuslike life. You need to keep them separated. Religion will win out because religion has to win out. The tenants of most faith systems I'm aware of make one rule more important than all others: You must believe. That transforms into people trying to tell other people what to do based on religion.