People use face book for many different reasons.

@joystick (1680)
June 10, 2012 3:02am CST
There are people that use face book to chat to people that live miles away, who they do not see very often, people like to play games on face book, with their friends, catch up with friends, arrange a night out with friends and then there are people who just go on there to stir up trouble, by starting up fake profiles.It is strange that there are people that get fake ids on face book in order to spy, or upset other people that are on there, it also seems strange that people tend to put a load of lies on their about themselves, or others.Have you ever reported a person to face book for a good reason.
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@silverfox09 (4727)
• United States
11 Oct 12
Facebook is a easy way to keep up to date with the world and your friends . I can see what my brother is up to and talk with my mother when I am away from home. I play online social games tat also help in making new friends with your interest . Yes people create fake accounts on every site to upset others , I dont know how can some people be that low and annoying . I have never report a person on facebook .
@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
10 Oct 12
hi, yes,indeed,but most often reasson why they have an account in Facebook because this is one helpful way social networking to communicate to other people even the place or location of that person is far to me,i used Facebook to communicate to my old friends,far relatives and old classmates.
• India
23 Jun 12
Facebook is becoming a part of many people. I have heard from my friends that life would be boring if facebook was not here. But, nowadays there are something really bad in facebook too. I have never reported any person in facebook. But, I will surely do it, if I see anything which violates the terms and conditions .
@jaiho2009 (39000)
• Philippines
12 Jun 12
Facebook is useful in many ways and also annoying in different reasons. I have seen a lot of annoying and unwanted photos and those I report to facebook admin- some are deleted and some are not. I am not active with facebook- but the site is useful for my articles where I post and share my writing and gain earning from views. I also keep my facebook account for my family and friend- to see their updates and know their status.
@Ladybugs (404)
• Philippines
12 Jun 12
I'm really into facebook. Whenever I'm infront of a computer, all I want to do first is to log-in in this social networking site. I love uploading my photos, playing some Zynga games, posting some Youtube videos, looking at my friends profiles and photos, sometimes commenting on others' photos or status, and sending some private messages to my close friends. Nowadays, I don't like appearing online in facebook chat. I'd rather send some private messages because I don't usually use facebook nowadays. I only log-in to upload some pictures,to play some games and to look at my notifications. Yes, I've already reported some people for good reasons. I'm the type of person who don't usually add suspicious people who tried to add me as their friends. We should have mutual friends first before I add them. If we have only one mutual friend, two, or three, I still don't want to add that person especially if I'm not that close to those people which are our mutual friends. They should be convincing first before I add them. If I don't know them personally, I ignore them or even report them. I think others are just fake profiles so I reported them or blocked them. There were also some accounts that I blocked because they have inappropriate profile pictures. The other one was a bit obscene, and the other one had an obscene hand gesture. Those are so bad for me. The other one also tried to offend me in a private message. Maybe I knew who that person might be.I don't want to be friends with people like those. I don't want to add people who might have fake profiles. I don't need them in my facebook account. I don't want to waste my time on them. It's okay even if I don't have thousands of friends like others. What's important to me is that, I know the friends I'm adding in my facebook account and I feel safe in doing the things I want to do in that site. I have no worries if I know the people who could see my photos and other activities. It's not that I'm not friendly, I'm just being cautious. =)
@blue65packer (11835)
• United States
11 Jun 12
I use Facebook to keep in touch with some of my relatives I don't see alot. I also like to play some of the games on Facebook. I have reported one person who I had blocked so he could not contact me! The guy is a jerk and can't get it through his head why I hate him! So he is blocked! He is so annoying,too! Anyway that is why I reported this guy.