My spectacle, forgetfulness and this heat

June 11, 2012 3:56am CST
I wear spectacles that has metallic frame, it is gold plated; because of this 48 degrees Celsius temperature, the frame expands and the glasses (actually they are made from synthetic material) come out frequently, fall either on floor or on ground , I have to fetch them and refit using another spectacle, that has plastic frame, now outdated. Another problem, I am becoming forgetful, I leave the spectacle in toilet, at times on dining table and keep searching for it. Once I asked my wife to search the spectacles; though I had just raised it to my forehead!!! [b]So do you suffer from this issue? How many spectacles you keep? Does the glass slip out during summer? Thanks in advance.[/b] Prof.Dr. Bhuwan Saraf. PhD 11th June 2012.
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@kkaria309 (297)
• United States
11 Jun 12
I keep 2 pairs of spectacles. I prefer frame-less or thick plastic frames, so there is no chance of the glasses slipping out during summer. And if are forgetful of where you leave you spectacles, you should buy those thin golden chains that allow you to wear you spectacles around your neck when you are not wearing them.
• United States
11 Jun 12
And do not heed to frames in fashion too much. Just wear the frames that suit your face. As you know, studious looking thick plastic frames were in fashion so many years ago, but now they are in trend again. You should make your own trends.
@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
12 Jun 12
Hi Professor, 48 degree C is too severe hot for me. Yeah, the expansion caused by the high temperature would make the frame lose and would slip easily, as they are rather big for us. I think the metallic frame of my spectacles would be facing the same awful situation as well if I were to experience the same high temperature lol... Here in my place, though the weather here is quite scorching. Recently it's around 34 degree C in daytime. This is already too hot for me to bear and I could hardly imagine how torture it would be if it were to raise for another 14 degrees higher. Fortunately that there is big mountain ranger nearby and downpour is available between whiles Even though I don't come across the mentioned frame problem, I would still facing the inconvenience when reading, watching tv, working on pc screen if putting on the same glasses. I have been suffering from shortsighted, longsighted, presbyopia as well as astigmatic eyes. Although I have a pair of multi-focus functions spectacles, I feel it's still easy and comfortable for me to put on presbyopia spectacles when reading. Lol...make it handy to reading I have a pair of short sighted plus presbyopia glasses on my bed. I have the habit to do some reading before after getting on the bed. The other pair is just beside my laptop. If I forget to bring my reading spectacles along with me it would be a great difficult for me to work on the laptop or reading outside If I still insist to do so with my multi-focus glasses I would suffer from migraine most probably. Happy posting and have a nice day
@suzzy3 (8357)
11 Jun 12
Hi I am always losing my glasses ,I have five pairs of reading glasses somewhere.It never gets hot enough in England to make a difference to our glasses I should imagine it is a right pain putting up with the heat.We did have a good week a few weeks ago it really got hot but not enough to melt anything.Probably get washed away more than anything else.It is so wet here at the moment,how on earth can there be so much rain.I am sure we must be getting your share.I do hope things get more comfortable for you soon xx
@swapmind (357)
• Australia
11 Jun 12
Yeh this is the common problem of elderly.My mom has the same problem so she keeps a pair of spectacles .one always handy in her handbag and other for household chores so that she should not suffer from her forgetfulness.
@celticeagle (121171)
• Boise, Idaho
11 Jun 12
I have heard of this issue. I would attach a chain to my spectacles so if they fall they don't crash on the floor. Many older women I see with these chains but have seen an occasional man with them also. I am sure you could make one of your own choosing. Save alot of worry that way.
@thesids (22351)
• Bhubaneswar, India
11 Jun 12
Namaskar sir Back in class I or II we had a similar story on forgetfulness and the name of the person was Kutchu. He too kept forgetting his spectacles and asked her daughter who told him it was on his forehead. Your discussion reminded me of those days when I was a kid. Today, the metallic frames are a mess - however the plastic ones though not in fashion anymore, are still great. My mom and dad still use the older ones. For the forgetting thing, I can suggest you use some spectacle bands - these are available at the opticos and are basically thread like things with loops on the two ends to hold the frame of the spectacle. This would help your spectacle stay closer to you all the time and there would be only one place to search (much like the strings used to carry mobile phones). Talking of fashion, the strings are still in, and some great actors too use them on the movies. So you can stay happy as you would be following a fashion. And for the Plastic ones, may not be the in-thing but sometimes fashion stands nowhere to comfort and need