Way to go Abby

@stealthy (8188)
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June 11, 2012 6:08pm CST
She stood up to Victor and didn't let him demand that she not lend the money to Jack. I wonder if she would have agreed not to if Victor had asked nicely instead of demanding it the way he did. But that is Victor for you, always having to have things his way and people to take his orders. Now one has to wonder what Victor will do to try to stop Jack from getting BofN now.
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13 Jun 12
I thought Abby had left the show because she was pregnant. I am glad that Abby is starting to have a backbone and is starting to not listen to what Victor tells her. Victor will hopefully one day learn that his children have minds of their own and that he cannot control them. If he wants to control someone he should control Sharon. Sharon will do anything a man asks her to do and has no mind of her own so it would be perfect.
@coffeebreak (17820)
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12 Jun 12
I agree...when Victor told her that wasn't acceptable and she'd better not do it...come on...hasn't he learned that the kids are starting to get their own minds and not let him control them? She was great standing up for what she wanted and thought was the thing to do. And it is a good thing for her to do....a great investment with return, a good job with stability and longevity and keeping it in the family...working with her mom (until they have Ashley leave) and Uncle Jack and if nothing else....giving her something productive and intelligent to do instead of this stupid Naked Heiress thing! I just think that it will bring friction between her and Victoria...even tho Vic turned it down. THis should be interesting if they make good story about it and make it launch into something other than Victor and Jack Feud!