Bradley-Pacquiao..A Very Sad Incident For Boxing

June 11, 2012 10:10pm CST
after watching the fight last sunday, esp the moment the decision was made by the ring announcer, I could not believe what I just saw and heard at that time. I just can't believe my eyes about how the 2 dumbhead Judges scored the fight, namely CJ Ross and that fathead named Dwayne Ford. I mean, how on earth did they believed that Bradley won the fight? when it's damn too obvious that the Pacman clearly dominated the fight? Though the fact that he relaxed on the latter part of the fight. Moreover, the punchstats shows Pacman has landed more blows, 253-159, with a much higher percentage of accuracy, 34%-19%, the Pacman also connected more jabs,63-51, and more power shots 190-108. That's one solid indication that the fight wasn't even close, I just couldn't understand how these 2 simpleton Judges saw the fight. This will definitely go as one of the worst-judged bouts in the history of Boxing ever. This is pretty similar to the Sergio Martinez- Paul Williams 1 fight a few years back when the Argentine warrior sergio Martinez surprisingly lost to Paul Williams by a majority decision when it was also very obvious that he dominated the much-taller Williams- in a fight held at Williams' hometown- same case with Bradley. As roach said, those judges should be expelled. They're making the sport of boxing a despicable sport. A decision like that is very sad to the fans who supports and loves the sport.
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@mykmari_08 (2466)
• Philippines
16 Jun 12
Very true! Like millions of people around the world,especially Filipinos and foreign viewers, I knew that the fight clearly was Manny's; but the judges believed otherwise. Anyway, some have speculated that the previous fight had to go to Bradley in order to honor Manny's contract with Bob Arum, which stated something about a rematch with Bradley. And since this is the last year of Manny with manager Bob Arum, he has to make good of this contract. This is somewhat of a delaying tactic, since by November on their rematch fight, the winner has to be Manny in order for either a Pacquiao-Mayweather or Pacquiao-Marquez fight to be possible. After these speculations, I was quite disappointed not only after the judges decided to declare Bradley as the winner, but also that this boxing sport is going dirty and Manny had to be the victim or at least, had to take part in this.
• Philippines
19 Jun 12
I don't really believe with that yarn or speculation. Manny's not the type of guy who will let his countrymen down everytime he steps on the ring. That duel was clearly a mafia as they call it. It's just another one of those hometown decisions where the fighter from that side of the world is given a favor even though for some that his opponent clearly won the fight. But as always, we're only fans who can't do anything to reverse the decision made by that 2 simpleton judges. It was very clear Manny domunated Bradley on that fight, as the punchstats showed. Bradley got staggered and wobbled so many times that at one point he almost fell to the canvas.