7 "Worst" password of 2011[Are you using them]!

June 11, 2012 11:08pm CST
I don`t know you might have read it somewhere else before but I think there would be some people who is using still using those funky passwords.Here the list of 7 "Worst" password of 2011 1.password people think it`s a trick no will use but it`s the weakest password online 2.123456 3.12345678 7.1234567 Well these are easy to remember so people use these passwords 4.qwerty It`s always been the easiest password 5.abc123 Another easiest password ever thought of. 6.monkey yeah, a monkey like password that will beat your security No meter what people still using those password and keeping a close eye to their security.Have some idea to make more secure password?
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@jlamela (4909)
• Philippines
13 Jun 12
I never used password that is so familiar or had been using by other people. I always create my own password with a combination of small and capital letters with number among others.
• India
12 Jun 12
no actually i hate that kind of passwords or really i think this is stupidity too.people stud be very creative in that kind of matter.thanks.
• Italy
12 Jun 12
I have a funny anedcdote about that: Customer: "I cannot enter my internet connection" Call Center Employee: "Did you write the right password?" Customer: "Sure! I saw my husband writing it, it was seven asterisks" Call Center Employee: "........." To be serious: why "monkey" is so usual? I think best passwords should contain numbers and letters in a chaotic order
@averygirl72 (16620)
• Philippines
12 Jun 12
I use a combination of numbers and letter and small caps and all caps. The passwords I'm using are "strong" according to the meter of the sites I am registering. It's good that there are meters to tell us if our password is good or not. Just make sure you won't forget your passwords. It's also advisable to change passwords frequently. And don't ever tell anyone your password--this is a good effort to secure your password.
@gaeul98 (12)
12 Jun 12
Im not using that "7 worst password of 2011" its a common password that anyone will probably know.A password should be 8 unique characters or more (combination of alphabet letters and numbers)or just use the "8 4 Rule". 8 = Eight character minumum length 4 = 1 upper case +1 lower case+1 number+ 1 special character. Hope that helps.