Travel in the Philippines

June 12, 2012 7:32am CST
Last summer i cant decide where to go, so i surf the net where is the best place to have vacation. I found out that why i should go out the Philippines. Philippines has many places that really amazing and suit for me and my family to go to. Beaches and diving areas are many here. Many places that suit everything you want. if you are adventurous their are places for you like caving in the famous caves here or mountain climbing. And most of all, you vacation here is not expensive.
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@maximax8 (28558)
• United Kingdom
12 Jun 12
I think that the Philippines has so very much to offer and it is close to the top of my travel wish list for the future. I would love to go there for some island hopping and snorkeling the coral reef. I would like to fly into Cebu Island and visit Bohol Island to see the Chocolate Hills. I am keen on visiting Coran and Palawan Island.
• Philippines
12 Jun 12
Yeah Philippines tourism has much to offer. Travelling Philippines is like travelling the world. Very hospitable people and spending cheaper than to other country.
@gharinder (2044)
• India
11 Jul 12
thanks for this discussion, my be one day philippines will be in my dream destination list. the greatest hindrance is the financial problems but as you have said that it is cheaper than other countries i need to find out more about this country
@jureathome (5363)
• Philippines
12 Jun 12
Thats very true. In fact, me and my husband love traveling around the country more than going to other places. There are just a lot to explore in our own land and a lot of activities to enjoy. It would be best to see more of your own place before going to other countries.
• Philippines
13 Jun 12
yeah very i can say the banner of Philippines tourism is right that It's more fun in the Philippines.
@karyl15 (251)
• Philippines
18 Jul 12
yes, i agree it really more fun here in the philippines. and you can travel in an inexpensive way and you will really enjoy it. philippines also got many beautiful places so i do really recommend you visit philippines, and go to palawan, boracay, sumilon island, baguio and i know you will experience such a memorable journey.